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Sacred Heart P.S, Rock, Dungannon

P2/3 Diwali

6th Jan 2016

In World Around Us, we looked at Festivals and Celebrations. As a class, we were very interested in finding out about the Hindu Festival of Light 'Diwali', so this became our main focus. We carried out lots of research, by using books and the Internet. We watched videos about how families prepare to celebrate Diwali. We also explored different versions of the ancient story of 'Rama and Sita' - a powerpoint presentation, a puppet show and via audio. We expressed our preferences and discussed the story in depth.

Linked to The Arts, we created Diwa lamps, Kandil Lanterns, Mendhi patterns on cut-out hands and Rangoli patterns. During 'Learning Through Play', the doll's house became a Hindu family home preparing for Diwali.