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Sacred Heart P.S, Rock, Dungannon

Celebrating Grandparents Day during Catholic Schools Week 2014

31st Jan 2014

Today, Friday 31st January 2014 we celebrated Grandparents Day as part of our Catholic Schools Week Celebrations. 

We prayed and sang together with our friends, teachers, families and our special guests...........



We share a special kind of love for our grandparents and they share a special kind of love for us!

There’s a special kind of love that grandchildren have for their grandparents.

It’s filled with respect for their wisdom and accomplishments;

We are thankful for the values they’ve given us…

with delight in the stories of our family that they remember and share.

It’s a special kind of love that’s built on a lifetime of caring and giving.

It’s the kind of love that’s felt for you my dear grandparent, today and always.

Some of our Grandparents.........