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Awareness of Scarlet Fever and Strep A

6th Dec 2022

Scarlet Fever is quite contagious among children and Strep A can cause a range of illnesses.

Most cases are mild - a sore throat or a skin infection that can be easily treated with antibiotics.

Some develop Scarlet Fever, which causes a skin rash (that feels like sandpaper) and flu-like symptoms, including a high temperature.

Very rarely, strep A can cause something called invasive group A streptococcal infection or iGAS, which can be much more serious.

The Public Health Agency is asking all parents to be aware of the symptoms and if in doubt, get checked out by your child's GP.

Children with a confirmed case of Scarlet Fever must isolate from school until 24 hours after beginning a course of antibiotics.

If your child is unwell, you should not send them into school.